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Who's Going to Carry the Boats?

Seriously though, who is?

We're lucky to have been bestowed with one of the greatest displays of the indomitable human spirit: David Goggins.

Known for his physical exploits, running distances that can't even be perceived by the average person, he's also quite the economist. I'm sure even he doesn't know it himself, but currently, Goggins is a leading authority on an economic concept called The Tragedy of the Commons.

So, what is it? The Tragedy of the Commons refers to a situation where individuals, driven by self-interest, deplete a shared resource, leading to its degradation or exhaustion. As each individual pursues their own gain, the collective interest suffers, resulting in a tragedy for all. It highlights the need for collective action, regulation, or cooperation to prevent the overexploitation of shared resources and ensure their sustainable use for the benefit of society.

Goggins, a renowned motivational speaker and former Navy SEAL, brings a unique perspective to the concept of the tragedy of the commons. Known for his relentless pursuit of personal excellence, Goggins' mindset sheds light on how we can address and overcome the challenges posed by this economic theory. Goggins is known for his willingness to endure discomfort and make sacrifices to achieve his goals. Applying this mindset to the tragedy of the commons, individuals are encouraged to prioritize the long-term well-being of the shared resource over immediate personal gain. This involves making sacrifices and accepting temporary discomfort to ensure the sustainability and preservation of the resource for future generations.

If we don't carry the boats, then nobody will, and if nobody carries the boats, then nobody makes it past the shore.

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