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Why do we do what we do?

We took one look at an article from The Economist's monthly issues. Subsequently, we took another outlining the same topic from The Wall Street Journal.  We found something in common:


They made no sense!


This is why we do it. The world is ever-changing, and not knowing about the financial perspective, the economic implications, and the real world consequences economic theory can hold is dangerous. 

Not everyone has the time for a Macroeconomics course, coupled with a Microeconomics seminar, but not everyone needs to be oblivious to what's happening around them. We're committed to writing articles with easy to read words, concepts that are explained simply, through anecdotes and references, and clear-cut communication. 

Join us in paving the way for a more accessible world. 

Meet the Team

Dedicated to making economics more accessible, our team works from all over the globe to ensure that our content is as accurate and well-put as possible. 

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All for Finance, and Finance for All

We're the first site for all financial and economic news, explained in simple terms. No barriers, the world is your oyster. 

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