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Gold, and it's Subsequent Medellín-esque Cartel

Many know the tale of Pablo Escobar, and of course, his infamous Medellín cartel. However, very few are aware of its like today. No, I'm not talking about various cocaine routes, and the illegal import of drugs and substances, I'm talking about a commodity as old as time itself, something much more important, yet less medically impactful.


Currently, we've seen gold to be a sound investment. Various stock-market veterans have transitioned to gold over the past few years, and master-investors encourage the average person to try their hand in the gold market. However, gold is a commodity. It's something that can be held, and thus, it's something that can be imported, stolen, and even as far as smuggled.

Think of Pablo Escobar.

His Medellin cartel created one of the most intricate and vast smuggling networks known to mankind. I'd go as far as to say the Gold Mafia takes it a step further.

Originating from South Africa, the Gold Mafia uses South African banks, bribes, and smugglers to launder money, and gold throughout the country, from various networks both in Asia and Europe. Currently, it functions as the largest network of illegal commodity transport in the world, as per reports and close investigation from Al Jazeera.

With undercover journalists, the new publication has done extensive research into the problem, uncovering trails that lead all the way to the highest authority of the country: President Cyril Ramaphosa, along with even members from the House of Lords, in the United Kingdom, have called for official investigation over the past few months.

More on this issue to come.

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